bee pollinating a flower

Pesticides and Pollinators

By Karen Laitala, Vegetation Coordinator Though we live dramatically different lifestyles, my oldest sister who resides in a subdivision in a north Texas city and

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Riding the Fences

Riding the Fences: Listening and learning as a means to safely live with grizzly bears Written by Jessianne Castle of the Grizzly Bear Collective. This

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Seeking Communications Intern

Motivated, thoughtful and detail-oriented individuals interested in conservation communications are encouraged to apply. The Blackfoot Challenge is a non-profit, community-based organization that coordinates a variety

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Field with irrigation system running

Conversations around water

By Kate Clyatt, Drought Technician If you’ve been around in the Blackfoot long enough, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the words “Murphy right” or

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Keep Calm and Paddle On

Head on over to our blog to read the latest update on Trumpeter Swan restoration in the Blackfoot watershed. Our Swan Restoration Coordinator Elaine Caton

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Header photo: Colton Coughlin