Pesticides and Pollinators

bee pollinating a flower

By Karen Laitala, Vegetation Coordinator Though we live dramatically different lifestyles, my oldest sister who resides in a subdivision in a north Texas city and I, the Montana “country living” member of our family, share a love of bees and an appreciation for pollinators. I think this mutual admiration may have originated with our love […]

Noxious Weeds and the Environment: A Bigger Picture

By Karen Laitala, Vegetation Coordinator Although anyone who knows me knows that I’m a “certifiable” botany and native plants nerd, I love everything nature. In particular, I share a love of birds with one of my sisters. On a trip together one October, we went to a wild bird rescue facility (Vermont Institute of Natural […]

Spotted knapweed battles against spring weather and treatments

By Karen Laitala, Vegetation Coordinator The past few weeks I have been making a concerted effort to take daily walks on the ranch where I live. Last week the snowy path I wandered gave way to a spring melt off event. By mid-week I sighted my first wildflower blossoms. Yet even before the snow cleared, […]