Rancher on tractor haying a fieeld

The Mannix Family has lived and ranched in the Blackfoot watershed’s Helmville Valley for five (going on six) generations. Join us for an evening with members of the Mannix Family as they share how they approach managing land and livestock in such a way that both their operation and the ecosystem can flourish. Family members will speak to the history and evolution of their stewardship practices, what it means to ranch sustainably, why and how they transitioned to grass-finished beef, and how they manage all of the ranch’s resources — from grass and cows to trout and grizzly bears — with the well-being of the landscape, future generations, and their greater community in mind. 

Pure Montana Tales presents:

Regenerative Ranching in the Blackfoot: An Evening with the Mannix Family Ranch

Thursday, February 17 at 7 p.m. on Zoom