Riding the Fences

Riding the Fences: Listening and learning as a means to safely live with grizzly bears Written by Jessianne Castle of the Grizzly Bear Collective. This is an excerpt from the full blog post originally published at grizzlybearcollective.com. … David Mannix, who is also a member of the Blackfoot Challenge Board, agrees with Stone. He and […]

Conversations around water

Field with irrigation system running

By Kate Clyatt, Drought Technician If you’ve been around in the Blackfoot long enough, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the words “Murphy right” or “Milltown right” thrown around. If you’re an irrigator in the watershed, you’ve probably been affected by one or both of these instream water rights. Due to recent changes in water law, any […]

Leigh, Robert and Ryan share their “why?”

While what we do and how we do our work at the Blackfoot Challenge is extremely important, we’ve come to realize that it’s why we do it that unites us and keeps us all at the table year after year.  Our Communications Manager recently sat down with a few of our board members over Zoom to discuss their “whys.” We compiled those […]

Potomac rancher Denny Iverson shares the Blackfoot wolf experience with Colorado

This November, Colorado residents will be voting on a wolf reintroduction ballot proposition. If passed, the proposition would charge the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission with reintroducing wolves to the state no later than 2023. Denver Museum’s Institute for Science & Policy and Colorado State University invited Potomac rancher Denny Iverson to participate on a […]