Trumpeter Swans and Montana’s Common Loon

By Elaine Caton, Swan Restoration Coordinator Written for the Montana Loon Society‘s 2021 Newsletter In 2005, the Blackfoot Challenge in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service began an effort to restore Trumpeter Swans to the Blackfoot watershed. Since, we have released over 200 young captive-raised trumpeters in the Ovando-Helmville area, and have established […]

SwanBlog Update: Keep Calm and Paddle On

By Elaine Caton, Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program Coordinator In spite of a worldwide pandemic and all the associated changes to human life that have gone with it, I’m happy to report that our Trumpeter Swans have kept calm and carried on with normal swan life in the Blackfoot.  Although we only had six pairs of […]

SwanBlog Update: Blackfoot Trumpeters unaffected by Covid-19!

By Elaine Caton Spring (or Mud Season, as we tend to call it around here) is returning to the Blackfoot, and so are the Trumpeter Swans.  The first swans were seen coming through the watershed in late February.  Many Trumpeter and Tundra Swans migrate through our area on their way to nesting grounds farther north, […]

Tracking Swan Movements

By Elaine Caton, Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program Coordinator In July we captured two non-nesting adult swans in the Blackfoot and fitted them with very lightweight collars with GPS units. These collars transmit locations to us via cell service, and they have already given us lots of valuable information about the swans.  We have been able […]