This past weekend, I had the privilege to tour the Wyoming Wetland Society swan rearing facilities in gorgeous Jackson, Wyoming and to view the pair of trumpeter swans and their three babies, now internationally known as the webcam pair. Our hosts were Executive Director, Drew Reed and his beautiful wife Amy, who took time away from their busy lives to show me and my family around. I have never seen a cygnet (swan baby) before the weekend, but I have to say that I have no idea what the author of the Ugly Duckling was thinking, those babies are absolutely adorable! Pen and Cob (the swan mother and father) were very protective and seemingly quite proud of their little bevy/herd/flock/wedge as a group of swans are called (I had too Google that one!). Besides the gorgeous scenery, great food, and all the fun that we had, there is one thing that strikes me as I reflect on the weekend and that is partnerships. Partnerships like the one between the Blackfoot Challenge and the Wyoming Wetland Society that bring organizations, and people together. Not only do these partnerships foster collaboration, but they help to form friendships amongst people who are so passionate about what they do. I realize that I am so blessed to work with a group of folks that are on the ground, working so hard to restore trumpeter swan populations and for that I am very grateful. To learn more about our friends at the Wyoming Wetland Society, check out their website at