Conservation Strategies Committee

The Conservation Strategies Committee’s mission is to coordinate and cooperate on land conservation efforts between public agencies, conservation groups, land trusts, and private landowners in ways that will conserve and enhance the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed. The committee provides a forum for exchanging information on conservation work being done in the Blackfoot watershed in which participants work together to identify priority conservation opportunities, look for ways to pool resources, and leverage one another’s efforts. Currently the committee meets annually in February. If you are interested in participating in this forum, please contact our Conservation Strategies Coordinator Jennifer Schoonen.

Watershed Map

With assistance from The Nature Conservancy in Montana, the Challenge maintains an up-to-date landownership and conservation easement map of the Blackfoot watershed. The detail and accuracy of this map makes it a useful tool for the variety of conservation practitioners throughout the watershed. Download your own high-resolution copy here.

Blackfoot Subbasin Plan

From 2007 to 2009, numerous Conservation Strategies Committee members developed a plan that detailed a comprehensive strategy for conserving, restoring, and enhancing the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed. This Subbasin Plan prioritized conservation strategies across the watershed with a focus on native salmonids, forestry, range and native grasslands, riparian areas, wetlands, native wildlife, and rural livelihoods. Take a look at the Subbasin Plan here.