Annual Committee Meetings

Since 1994, the Blackfoot Challenge Vegetation Committee (previously known as the Weeds Committee) has met annually to coordinate and implement a holistic strategy for managing undesirable, invasive, and noxious weeds across the watershed. The committee is composed of private landowners, federal, and state agencies, county weed coordinators and extension agents, and other non-profit organizations.

Together, members explore a wide range of activities including chemical and biological weed control, revegetation with competitive noxious weed-resistant grass species, livestock grazing research and field trials, prevention and eradication through rewards for sighting and reporting new invaders, technical GIS-based weed mapping, and education, awareness and outreach through field days and weed pulls.

Interested in joining our Vegetation Committee? Contact our Vegetation Coordinator.

Biannual Weed Pulls

Weed Pull at Russell Gates Fishing Access Site, June 2019.

The Blackfoot Challenge sponsors two weed pull events at the Russell Gates Fishing Access Site on the Blackfoot River in June and August. The purpose of the weed pulls is to reduce existing noxious weed populations while experiencing first-hand the impact of weeds and the effectiveness of working together on a local, small-scale weed management project.

Community members and partners help pull mainly knapweed and leafy spurge from the river corridor fishing access site while enjoying camaraderie, refreshments, and the opportunity to learn from each other as well and educate recreationists that happen by. 

Check our calendar for upcoming events.