Trumpeter Swan Curriculum

Grades K+: Introducing Trumpeter Swans of the Blackfoot!

  1. Have your students watch the 10-minute Introductory Video.
  2. Ask your students to create a drawing of a Trumpeter Swan or Swans in appropriate habitat.  They should include as many desirable habitat features as they can remember from the video.  They might want to watch the video a second time with this in mind.
  3. Have your students create a life-sized paper “swan” by arranging sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper on the floor to create a wingspan 88″ long.  Older students or young students with assistance can finish a “body” portion and cut out the outline of a swan.  See the Paper Swan Lesson for details.

Grades 4+: Introducing Trumpeter Swans of the Blackfoot!

  1. Students watch the 10-minute Introductory Video and answer the Review Questions.  They complete a writing project (either one selected by you or one of their choice) based on their understanding of swans.  See the Introducing Trumpeter Swans Lesson for details.

Grades 6+: Trumpeter Swan Habitat Assessment

  1. Students use data from the Blackfoot Valley Wetland Habitat Suitability Study to analyze individual wetlands in the STUDENT PAGES. They summarize their findings and give an assessment on whether the wetlands are suitable for nesting and whether they would recommend them as release sites. They can then compare them to the decisions the biologists made about each wetland in the Biologists’ Summary.  See the Wetland Assessment Lesson for details.

Supplementary Videos from the Field