One-on-one Stewardship Assistance

Our land steward is available to meet landowners and managers around the coffee table and out in the field to discuss land management goals and potential ways to achieve them. By conducting basic resource inventories and identifying priority habitat types and resource concerns, the land steward provides management recommendations that address specific issues and achieve their conservation goals.

Recommendations aim to enhance bunchgrass communities, riparian areas, forest conditions, and diverse wildlife habitat through specific actions such as noxious weed control, conifer encroachment removal, stream restoration, forest health and fuel reduction treatments, and innovative grazing management systems.  In many cases, landowners are connected with the most appropriate programs and partners to accomplish  their specific property goals.

Specific services include:

  • Conduct natural resource assessments and inventories.
  • Identify resource values worthy of conserving.
  • Identify primary resource concerns in need of attention.
  • Discuss short and long term goals.
  • Help develop a management plan.
  • Assist with grazing plans, soil health practices, seeding techniques, and species selection.
  • Offer advice on materials and designs.
  • Supply local contractor lists.
  • Suggest methods to monitor progress and track change.
  • Advise on additional partners, programs, and funding sources where appropriate.



What resource concerns might exist on your property?

  • Soil health
  • Forest health
  • Hazardous fuels
  • Riparian Function
  • Grazing management
  • Invasive species
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Drought
  • Wildlife conflicts
  • Fire suppression
  • Wildlife habitat quality
  • Vegetation condition and production


What stewardship practices might be applicable on your property?

  • Property stewardship plans
  • Best Management Practices (Grazing, Forestry, Roads)
  • Grazing plans and infrastructure development
  • Soil building techniques
  • Forest health and fuel reduction treatments
  • Integrated weed control (physical, chemical, biological)
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Riparian management
  • Fish passage and entrainment
  • Prescribed fire and fuel reduction
  • Drought plans
  • Wildlife conflict mitigation
  • Cross-boundary coordination and management

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