The Blackfoot’s Vegetation Management Areas

One of the core strengths of the Vegetation Committee is the ability to work through landowner-led, cooperative Vegetation Management Areas (VMAs). Established management areas include Middle Blackfoot, North Fork, River Junction, Patterson Prairie, Douglas Creek, Nevada Creek, Garnet Mountains, Greenough, Lower Blackfoot, Woodworth, Potomac, Double Arrow, Blackfoot River, Avon, and four separate VMAs in the Lincoln area.

Each VMA was initially organized through the respective county weed district coordinator with a local landowner serving as a volunteer leader. Once the group is formally organized, the VMA receives technical, educational, and funding assistance from the county weed district. Landowners have access to a variety of equipment and resources through VMAs, including sprayers, seeders, and free biocontrol insects for spotted knapweed, Yellow toadflax, Dalmatian toadflax, and leafy spurge.

If you are a landowner in the Blackfoot watershed and are interested in participating in a VMA or have questions, please contact the Blackfoot Challenge’s Vegetation Coordinator or your county weed district:

  • Blackfoot Challenge Vegetation Coordinator & Powell County Weed Coordinator: Karen Laitala,
  • Missoula County Weed District Manager: Bryce Christiaens,
  • Lewis & Clark County Weed Coordinator: Christain Lehnert,