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Blackfoot Watershed
Stewardship Guide

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Photo (C) Joe Milmoe, US FWS
Stewardship Guide
Power of Giving

The Power of Giving
You can ensure the Blackfoot's future.

Power of Giving
Our Story
When challenge became opportunity
in the Blackfoot watershed
Photo (C) Stephen Beaumont
Our Story
Drought Alerts
Monitoring the potential for Blackfoot drought
Photo (C) Jeremy Roberts
Drought Alerts
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To coordinate efforts to conserve and enhance the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed for present and future generations.

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At our core, we are a process.
We bring people together, facilitate respectful conversations and the exchange of information, keep the focus on shared values, and build trust.

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We coordinate responses to community needs and find homegrown solutions that stand the test of time. The hard work takes place in our community-led committees.

Honoring George's legacy

The Blackfoot Challenge lost a great friend with the recent passing of George Hirschenberger. 

An active participant in the Challenge for more than 30 years, George brought humor, humility, passion, and an exceptional ability to collaborate with a broad spectrum of people to the Blackfoot watershed’s conservation efforts. His legacy will serve as an enduring example of how to be successful in community-based conservation and stewardship. 

Weekly irrigation reports

Headgates are open and pivots are running in the Blackfoot, which means our weekly Irrigation, Crops & Soils Reports are back. 

Every Friday, our Soil and Irrigation Consultant Barry Dutton compiles rainfall, crop water use, forecast, streamflow, and water supply data into one report to help Blackfoot irrigators make the most out of their irrigation approach. 

Click below to read the latest report. 

Our Programs


Trumpeter swan being released in Ovando, MT

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