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Blackfoot Block Party
Friday, August 16

Block Party
Our Story
When challenge became opportunity
in the Blackfoot watershed
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Our Story
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this drought season
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Drought Alerts
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To coordinate efforts to conserve and enhance the natural resources and rural way of life in the Blackfoot watershed for present and future generations.

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At our core, we are a process.
We bring people together, facilitate respectful conversations and the exchange of information, keep the focus on shared values, and build trust.

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We coordinate responses to community needs and find homegrown solutions that stand the test of time. The hard work takes place in our community-led committees.

Tracking Trumpeters

The Blackfoot Challenge and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began working together in 2005 to restore trumpeter swans to the Blackfoot watershed. Thanks to the support of many partners and landowners over the years, we met our project goal in 2022, and the swan population here is now considered officially restored! The goal was to have at least seven successful nests for at least two years in a row. Click below to follow and report swan sightings through our online tool.

Communities & Carnivores

For more than two decades, the Blackfoot Challenge has worked at the forefront of finding solutions for living with wolves and grizzly bears. Our pragmatic path toward community education and conflict prevention have balanced safety, agriculture and sustainable wildlife populations across the 1.5-million-acre watershed. Electric fencing, turbo fladry, carcass removal , and range riders are tools launched in the Blackfoot that are now used across the West. 

Click below to learn more . 

Our Programs


Trumpeter swan being released in Ovando, MT

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