The Blackfoot Drought Response Plan provides the framework for the shared sacrifice approach to drought management in the Blackfoot.  It details activities of the Blackfoot Drought Committee as well as actions taken by water users at biologically based stream flow and temperature triggers. Although the plan is dynamic, meaning it has and will continue to evolve based on knowledge and experience, the foundation of the plan lies in the following:

  • Drought is a watershed-wide issue that requires action by all water users.
  • The Blackfoot Drought Committee monitors snow pack, precipitation, weather, stream flows, and water temperatures throughout the year and provides water users with information to help plan for and prepare for drought.
  • When flows in the Blackfoot River fall below 700 cubic feet per second (cfs), consumptive water users, primarily irrigators, are asked to implement individual drought management plans. Irrigators who meaningfully participate in the Drought Response will not receive a call for water from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.
  • To help sustain healthy fisheries, anglers are asked to observe voluntary fishing technique restrictions and fishing hours may be restricted if river flows and temperatures hit designated triggers.

Blackfoot Drought
Response Plan

Angler’s Guide to
Blackfoot Drought