Over the weekend, the Blackfoot River fell below 700 CFS at the Bonner gage site and on Tuesday, August 6th, the Blackfoot Drought Committee initiated the drought response plan.

Irrigators and other water users are being asked to implement their drought response plans. Water users who have an accepted individual drought plan will not receive a call for water on their junior water rights by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks while flows stay above 500 CFS at the Bonner gage.

Anglers are asked to observe low-stress fishing techniques to reduce stress on native fish during these low flows. These include: using single, barbless hooks; set your hook quickly; fish earlier in the day and in cooler stretches; and keep the fish in the water as long as possible. Check out our Anglers’ Guide to Blackfoot Drought Response brochure for more information.

We will continue to update this page as river conditions evolve. Click here to read the Blackfoot Drought Response Plan. If you have any questions about Blackfoot Drought Response, contact Water Steward Jennifer Schoonen at 360-6445 or jennifer@blackfootchallenge.org.