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Balancing water needs and availability through shared sacrifice and water conservation.
Severe drought and frustrations with Montana’s Drought Management Plan led to the formation of the Blackfoot Drought and Water Conservation Committee and the development of the Blackfoot Drought Response Plan in 2000. Through weekly meetings, the Drought Committee provides Blackfoot water users with the information necessary to prepare for and respond to drought and oversees implementation of the Drought Response Plan during low flow periods. The Drought Committee is comprised of representatives from state and federal agencies, conservation districts, and local conservation organizations as well as local landowners, irrigators, outfitters, and anglers.
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Water Resources Committee
David Mannix, Chair
Harry Poett, Chair Drought Response
Jennifer Schoonen, Water Steward
Water Works
• 1 – Drought response plan produced
• 5 – Partners completing the Poorman Creek Bridge project
• 1 – Lower Blackfoot TMDL completed
• 8 – Riparian revegetation projects monitored
• 25 – Percent of watershed’s irrigation systems evaluated
• 3,600 – Acres under irrigation scheduling
• 483,000 – kWh of annual energy savings identified
• 185,900 – kWh of energy used more efficiently through equipment upgrades