Black Bear & Cub @ Randy Smith
Reducing Human-Wildlife Conflicts Using Preventative and Proactive Conflict Abatement Strategies and Projects
The Blackfoot Watershed is rich with species like grizzly bears, wolves, and elk, all requiring creative and adaptive management. This committee provides a forum for community members to share information about wildlife activity in the watershed, identify shared goals, and cooperatively form management strategies to minimize human-wildlife conflicts. Since 2002, the committee, in coalition with its numerous public and private partners, has established both the Carcass Pick-Up and Range Rider Programs, installed electric fencing around beehives and calving grounds, and utilized bear-resistant dumpsters to reduce predator activity throughout the watershed.
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Wildlife Committee
Randy Gazda, Chair
Seth Wilson, Coordinator
Eric Graham, Wildlife Technician

Livestock and Wildlife
• 93 – Percent reduction in grizzly bear conflicts since 2003
• 50,000 – Feet of electric fence protect calving areas and beehives
• 5,600 – Carcasses removed from 50 ranches since program began
• 1 – Full-time range rider
• 2 – Part-time range riders
• 120 – Residents in neighborhood network