Field of Spurge @ Randy Teague
A Holistic Approach to Controlling Undesirable, Invasive, Noxious Weeds
A key issue affecting the Blackfoot is the spread of noxious weeds. Species like spotted knapweed, leafy spurge, yellow and Dalmation toadflax, houndstongue, sulfur cinquefoil and orange and meadow hawkweed post a threat to landowners working to maintain native range and grasslands. A strong private-public partnership has evolved since the 1980s to cooperate on integrated weed management across the watershed, linked by twelve landowner-led Vegetation Management Areas (VMA), three county weed districts, and federal and state public agencies.
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Weeds Committee
Jim Stone, Chair
Karen Laitala, Coordinator
Management Across Fence Lines

• 12 - Cooperative Vegetation Management Areas encompassing 474,727 acres
• 380 - Private landowners engaged in integrated weed management
• 100 - Host-specific insect releases for biological control
• 15,000 - Acres of multi-species grazing on spotted knapweed
• 50 – Partners at Annual Weed Meeting
• 1 – Weed Management Report