Blackfoot Valley Landscape @ Robb Kendrick
Keeping Working Landscapes Intact. Coordinating Land Conservation and Stewardship This forum of private landowners and land trusts coordinates conservation easements and cooperative conservation projects like the Blackfoot Community Project. Results: 90,000 acres of private lands in perpetual conservation easements. Community shaping its future through plan for resale of 88,000 acres of corporate timberlands.
Make sure our
kids have a
watershed to
CS Committee
Chris Bryant, Chair
Ben Slaght, BCCA Chair
Sara Schmidt, Coordinator
What we’ve done
• 73,000 – Acres transferred to new conservation owners
• 285,000 – Acres now under conservation easement
• 1 million – Dollars to conserve wetlands and upland habitat
• 167 – Trumpeter swans released
• ~40 – Trumpeter swans returned
• 5,000 – Acres of agricultural land enhanced