2016 BCCA Council Member Information and Application

Closing Date: November 30, 2016

The Blackfoot Community Conservation Area (BCCA) Council is responsible for managing, on behalf of the community, the 5,609-acre Core area of the BCCA. To represent the diversity of community interests, the Council is comprised of 15 people, five each from three different…

Clearwater-Blackfoot Project

Montana Forests
(formerly the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project)
In January, 2015, The Nature Conservancy of Montana purchased 117,152 acres of Plum Creek Timber Company lands in the lower Blackfoot River Watershed.
Together, Blackfoot Challenge and The Nature Conservancy will coordinate the Montana Forests Working Group to identify the many resource, economic, social and cultural values associated with these lands. Following…

What is the BCCA?

The Blackfoot Community Conservation Area (BCCA) is an innovative effort involving community forest ownership and cooperative ecosystem management across public and private lands in the heart of the 1.5 million acre Blackfoot watershed.  Located at the southern end of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, the BCCA…

Plans, Policies and Maps

Management Plan
BCCA Management Plan for the Core - 2nd Edition, published June 2017
BCCA Special Use Permits – Operating Procedures
BCCA Public Use and Recreation Policy
BCCA Map – Ownership, Roads and Trails
BCCA Motorized Routes Map – July 1 through Aug 15, Permit Required

CS-Committee Workgroup


Partners for Conservation

Improving the Landscape through Communication
In 2006, an Innovations in American Government Award was granted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Montana Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program for community-based conservation in partnership with the Blackfoot Challenge.  The $100,000 award from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government helped launch this ground-breaking effort…

Blackfoot Sub-basin Plan

In February, 2011, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC), which is responsible setting fish and wildlife mitigation priorities for the Bonneville Power Administration, adopted the Blackfoot Sub-basin Plan as part of its Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.  The Sub-basin planning process, which was led by the Blackfoot Challenge and Trout Unlimited, was a…

Agenda and Minutes

CSC Agenda for 6 8 11
CSC Agenda_06-22-10
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CS-Committee Minutes


Conservation Strategies Synopsis

CS Committee
Chris Bryant, Chair
Ben Slaght, BCCA Chair
Sara Schmidt, Coordinator
What we’ve done
• 73,000 – Acres transferred to new conservation owners
• 285,000 – Acres now under conservation easement
• 1 million – Dollars to conserve wetlands and upland habitat
• 167 – Trumpeter swans released
• ~40 – Trumpeter swans returned
• 5,000 – Acres of agricultural land enhanced