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Our approach is to provide regular communication about natural resource stewardship. Directed by a volunteer board of private landowners, federal and state land managers, and local government officials, we follow a consensus-based model, including all watershed landowners and managers to coordinate partnerships and resources that benefit the Blackfoot Watershed. Through this approach we find where roughly 80 percent agree and respond to consensus through Board-led committees to implement programs and projects.

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• Conservation Strategies
Chris Bryant, Chair
Sara Schmidt, CS & BCCA Coordinator
Brad Weltzien, Land Steward
• Education Committee
Patti Bartlett, Chair
Sara Schmidt, Coordinator
• Executive Committee
Jim Stone, Chair
Gary Burnett, Executive Director
• Forestry Committee
Denny Iverson, Chair
Matt Arno, Coordinator
• Outreach Committee
Racene Friede, Chair
Sara Schmidt, Coordinator
• Water Resources
David Mannix, Chair
Harry Poett, Chair Drought Response
Jennifer Schoonen, Water Steward
• Weeds Committee
Jim Stone, Chair
Karen Laitala, Coordinator
• Wildlife Committee
Randy Gazda, Chair
Seth Wilson, Coordinator
Eric Graham, Range Rider
Molly Brown, Range Rider