Two grizzlies outside The Stray Bullet in downtown Ovando on June 5th. Photo courtesy The Blackfoot Angler

Blackfoot Watershed Wolf and Bear Activity Report – mid-April through mid-August, 2018

Adult male grizzly tracks were observed in the foothills and higher ridge lines of the watershed as early as March 8th this year. And more grizzly bears than normal were reported out of their dens or down in the valley floor by mid-April. Perhaps due to last year’s fires, the heavy snow pack, and the fact that more bears than normal were attracted to the valley floor this year during spring green up, we had heavier use of the valley floor by grizzlies than in year’s past. For the first time since 2003, the valley has experienced a spike in the number of grizzly conflicts.

The key to reducing these conflicts? Containing attractants. That is, things like garbage, bird feeders, grain, chicken feed, salt licks, a compost pile…even BBQ grills should be secured inside a building when not in use.

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